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January 2019

Welcome to January 2019

Time for you...

We hope that you have had a brilliant Christmas and New Year and are feeling relaxed and refreshed, especially if you have managed to have some time off work. It is very important to make time for yourself and recharge your batteries. Holidays and spending time with loved ones is invaluable. The Team have all managed to get some much deserved rest and relaxation and are back to work and raring to go! At this time of year, after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, holidays, etc. we often set goals and begin to think again about what we want to achieve. Settling children into school, starting a night class or just generally improving our health and fitness may be something you are doing. Sometimes we see making time for ourselves as being selfish or not important but looking after yourself and your wellbeing is essential. If you are helping to look after children, parents, friends and family or embracing more demands from your job or everyday life, it is so much easier to achieve this, when you feel good about yourself. Everyone is so busy and never seems to have enough time. However taking time to participate in a hobby or pastime, going to the gym or reviewing your diet are all valuable steps you can take which can only help.And of course keeping on track with your Wellness Care! All of our practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle advice. If you would like some help or advice, please call reception and they will pass a message on for you or speak to your practitioner at your next visit.

Yours in Great Health Julie, Andrew and The Team

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