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Spreading the Joy!

The Centre has been full of busy lately, if you are due your health MOT check up, make sure to give us a call to get an appointment booked in!

We are sending a huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Osteopath Robert Heslop and his partner Kristen on the news of their recent engagement!

Good luck to Grace, who has decided to concentrate on her own bloom wellbeing business. It goes without saying, Grace has been a been a much valued member of the team and she will be really missed. We wish her the best of luck for the future. We will be looking forward to introducing you all to our new massage therapist who will take over Grace’s shifts. In the meantime, Lucy is available Tuesday - Thursday.

The British Chiropractic Association have some top tips for more comfortable camping… According to a recent report[1], camping holidays are expected to replace many people’s international holidays this year, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only is camping in the UK great fun, it’s also an all-weather activity – whether 30-degree heat or 12 degrees, wet and miserable! Sleeping away from your normal mattress and on harder surfaces can cause problems for your back, however, and so to prevent any aches and pains from getting between you and your next camping holiday, President of the BCA, Catherine Quinn, has shared her top tips for more comfortable camping.

  1. Prep your sleeping area first – Before you put up your tent, make sure you remove large stones or sticks that could dig into your back.

  2. Protect your back – Ensure your back is protected against a hard and potentially damp surface by sleeping on a quality approved camping mat or air mattress. Try these out in the shop before buying to find the right base for you – most good stores will have samples available.

  3. Keep hydrated – If it’s hot, then you can get very warm ‘under canvas’. Make sure you drink plenty and have a bottle of water available during the night to stay hydrated.

  4. Lift and carry with care – Take care when loading and unloading your camping gear. It’s a good idea to pack your gear into multiple lighter bags, so you can distribute the weight more evenly and reduce strain on your back. If you’re going group camping, divide and conquer the load between you to avoid overloading yourself.

  5. Sleep sensibly – Try to sleep in a position where your spine is in a straight line as this helps to avoid neck and back pain.

Staycation This Year? Don't Forget The Vitamin D! Written by Rachel Bartholomew BA (Hons), Dip ION, mBANT, CNHC, GHW on 1st July 2021 Vitamin D has been a hot topic of research for many years now, and our understanding of how the ‘sunshine vitamin’ supports health has expanded rapidly. We now know that vitamin D is important for so much more than bone health, and that achieving and maintaining optimal levels is about more than preventing rickets. Vitamin D – Widespread effects throughout the body Vitamin D receptors have been identified in almost every tissue type in the human body, demonstrating just how important this key nutrient is for almost every bodily system. Research has identified vital roles for vitamin D in musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and brain health, immune function and regulation, cancer risk, insulin function, inflammatory problems, autoimmune disease risk and more. Vitamin D & COVID-19 Over the last year, interest in vitamin D has been heightened due to its crucial role in immune health. Researchers have continued to investigate links between vitamin D status and severity of disease in COVID-19 and as a result many doctors and health researchers have recommended that vitamin D daily dosing should be set at higher levels. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the research and you can read more about vitamin D and COVID-19 here. UK summer staycations Vitamin D is unlike most other essential nutrients in that our major source isn’t food but actually sunshine. Our skin makes vitamin D when it comes into contact with the sun’s UVB rays and it is estimated that our bare skin can make up to 10,000 IU vitamin D in response to 20 – 30 minutes’ sun exposure. Since most people are opting for a UK summer staycation this year, and the weather here is a bit less predictable than Greece or Spain (!) it’s important to spare a thought for your vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements all year round Current recommendations from Public Health England are that everyone should take a daily vitamin D supplement all year round, and not just in the cooler months. And this year, with most people opting to stay in the UK for summer holidays, this advice is perhaps more important than ever, since there may be less opportunity for an extra boost of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ over the summer holidays. This article is simply a little reminder to keep taking your daily vitamin D supplement throughout the summer, so you can feel more confident that you’re entering Autumn and Winter in a more ‘optimal’ range. Read more on supplementing vitamin D here. Health Professional Resource Read more about our vitamin D range here.

Give the gift of Wellness… Gift vouchers are always available to purchase. With prices and treatments to suit everyone, you can either select a specific Wellness treatment or simply add a monetary value to give that special someone the chance to choose. Our vouchers never expire. To purchase gift vouchers, either pop into reception or call us on 01912431216. We can process the payment over the phone and can post vouchers out free of charge.

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