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April News

Spring has finally sprung! This is the perfect time of year to start doing those little jobs around the house and garden, make sure you are in good condition with a health check up!


In this month's issue, we look at:

Aloe Hand Soap

This best seller is available from Wellness Centre Newcastle. Watch the video to find out more.

Why you should shop local Shopping local is all about helping the local economy and helping to boost jobs. Thank you for supporting us, a small local business.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month Bowel cancer is very treatable but the earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. People whose cancer is diagnosed at an early stage have a much higher chance of successful treatment than those whose cancer has become more widespread. Find out more here Recipe of the Month Smoked haddock with lemon and dill lentils. A low-GI supper for two with delicate fish and flavoured pulses - filling and nutritious Test your knowledge in our Wellness World Quiz You remember a little ditty about the thigh bone being connected to the hip bone, which was in turn connected to the backbone. But what else do you remember ... Back Pain keeping you off work? New consumer research reveals that a third (33%) of Brits have taken at least one day off work due to back or neck pain in the past year, resulting in 12 days off work on average. A further fifth (23%) feel it has a negative impact on their working life. Read the full article from the British Chiropractic Association here We are Social! Remember to follow us on Social Media for all the latest stories and pictures from the Centre ---------------------------------- As usual, please feel free to call our friendly support team on 0191 243 1216 if you would like any further information about the articles featured in this newsletter. We are here to help and support.

Wishing you a healthy April, Andrew, Julie and the Team at Wellness Centre Newcastle

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