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You are what you eat


15 Nutritional principles to help you live a long and healthy life

  • Eat consciously and remember to breathe while eating .

  • Super hydrate with water and green tea every day – but try not to drink with a meal.

  • Make Vegetables and Fruit 60% of your daily food intake. The most important foods to eat are the Green Vegetables and their juices.

  • Try to have a vegetable juice daily and vegetables or a salad with every meal.

  • Eat fruit as a snack on an empty stomach. Separate it from other foods if possible, this is due to the fact it digests so rapidly

  • Eat and/or supplement essential fats and oils. You should have a serving of flax-oil every day. Avoid frying with oils and use Olive Oil on your salad.

  • Incorporate Vegetable proteins into your daily diet. These include Nuts, Seeds,Soya and Legumes.

  • Learn to eat sprouted seeds and beans. Sprouting soy beans, pumpkin seeds andaduki beans makes them incredibly rich in Vitamin C, Zinc and they are very high in protein.

  • Eat at least 4 servings of fresh fish per week. Fish is rich in Omega 3 oils which are not only amazing for your heart but your mind as well.

  • Choose Organic locally produced meat and eat a portion no larger than your fist at each meal

  • Eat whole grains. Do not eat ‘white’ processed grains. Try new grains like Spelt, Buckwheat, Quinoa and different forms of Rice.

  • Watch your Carbohydrate intake. Choose low GI options. E.g. sweet potato instead of normal potato, spelt pasta instead of white pasta.

  • Eat dairy products and processed meats sparingly.

  • Reduce non organic foods and buy a good quality vegetable wash to remove pesticides and chemicals.

  • Learn to reduce or eliminate acid forming foods in your diet. These include alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks and smoking.

If weight loss is a priority there is a web site based on the Okinawa eating principles here –

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