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Is Your Spine Healthy?

Our nervous system controls everything we think, feel and do – it is worth looking after for the rest of your life! But did you know pain and stiffness can be one of the last outward signs of an unhealthy spine.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You have to crack your jaw, back and neck a lot.

  • You can’t twist or turn your head or hips to either side easily and equally.

  • Your foot flares out when walking.

  • You have to take up the hem on your trouser or skirt more on one side.

  • The heels on your shoes wear unevenly.

  • You have poor posture

  • One shoulder is lower than the other.

  • You get headaches, back aches, sore or tender spots in muscles and joints.

  • You feel stiffness in your neck and back.

  • Your jaw clicks.

  • Your hamstrings feel tighter on one side.

  • You have greater muscle bulk on one side.

  • If any of these factors apply to you – your spine may not be as healthy as you think.

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