Robert Heslop

Master of Osteopathy

Robert Heslop graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a Master’s degree in Osteopathy. Upon graduation, he was awarded with the ‘Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Osteopathy’. Since then, Robert has returned to his home to work in the North East, living with his partner in Gateshead.

Robert is a firm believer in the importance of working holistically in order to deliver optimum care, providing direct treatment to the area of dysfunction. Additionally, he works closely with his patients looking globally to target, and alter, the root of their problem. 

Robert utilises musculoskeletal, structural and functional approaches. During his time in practice he has developed a keen interest in furthering his abilities, completing courses in dry needling with acupuncture trigger points and craniosacral osteopathy. 


Robert is very passionate about osteopathy and furthers public awareness of the field by educating others about the profession he has proudly dedicated himself to. During his spare time Robert loves film and spending time with family and friends.

Absolute godsend... 2 disc decompression operations later, unbelievable pain with sciatica and on pain medication for to many years ...


They have given me my life back ...drug free and living my best life now thanks to my Osteopath and Pilates specialist... if you are suffering with any kind of skeletal or nerve pain give it ago...

- Gina