Julie Whittaker

Co-Director and Practice Manager

Julie is co-owner of Wellness Centre Newcastle and has boundless energy and commitment for educating the community of the importance of ongoing wellness care.

Julie’s professional background began in insurance and then banking.

Her initial involvement with Chiropractic and Osteopathy began in the 1990’s, when a friend recommended that she consulted a Chiropractor for migraine headaches – she had suffered with these for a number of years.

After several adjustments, she was astounded, not only by the difference it had made to her migraines, but to the quality of her in her life in general.

Very soon Julie’s family members became patients and personally experienced the benefits of improved health and wellness, that regular Chiropractic and Osteopathic care made for them.

Julie values everyone who puts their trust in our team and appreciates the fantastic compliment it is to us all, when a patient recommends family members or friends to the Centre for care.

She believes that EVERY patient should experience great customer service and know that they are listened to and supported at EVERY visit. She truly believe that everyone can make a big difference to their own health and wellness in general, if they are guided and encouraged to be the best they can. She also knows that the support team make a great cup of tea….(Her words!) Why not put them to the test at your next visit!!

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